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Lesser known facts about Bamboo as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for furniture.

We all understand the importance of protecting the environment we live in. Constructing spaces without depletion of natural resources is one small step towards saving our planet.

Bamboo or the “Green Gold” is miraculous plant gifted to mankind, and a great substitute to hardwood. However few are aware of the multiple benefits of this plant. Read on to find out what these are:

1. What is Bamboo ?

Bamboo is a fastest growing grass on the earth. They emerge out of the ground as a giant shoot and then you can watch it reach to the height of about 100 feet in two months time. When shooting, bamboo grows 3-4 feet per day!

2. India is the second largest producer of Bamboo after China.

3. Advantages of Bamboo over Hardwood:

As the Bamboo is growing and shooting, it takes in carbon dioxide.

In fact it takes 28% more carbon dioxide than any other plant known to man.

Bamboo generates 35% more oxygen as compared to an average tree.

To build a house in hardwood if for example an acre of hardwood forest is used up , it would take 40 years to regenerate, however with bamboo the same house would require a quater of an acre and it would regenerate in a year’s time.

4. Flexible and Lightweight:

Furniture made out of bamboo is light in weight hence moving around furniture is not a difficult task. This makes it really easy to clean spaces with bamboo furniture as they can be easily moved around.

5. Affordability:

Due to its availability in abundance and fast growing ability, furniture made out of bamboo is a lot lower on cost as compared to hardwood or steel furniture. Hence it is safe to say that bamboo furniture is high on style and low on cost.

The images are for reference only. Human Scale Designs does not hold their copyright.

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