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5 Unique DIY tips for Diwali decoration

Diwali is just around the corner and this article will help you celebrate this festival in a more fulfilling way. These 5 ideas will help recycle, reuse & reduce.

1. Gift wrap - no paper/no plastic. Go Green!

Use burlap or colourful fabric that can be re-used. Thus saving lot of trash that goes in every year in the form of discarded wrapping paper.

2. DIY lamps - Get creative!

Fill the mason jars with some sand and place candles inside it...


Make your own hanging lamps from embroidered cloth..

These fun activities are recreational and also can be re-used next Diwali!

3. Fabric Decoration – Save Paper!

Isn't it fun to gather up colourful fabric & decorate your rooms! This will be a pleasant surprise for your visiting guests & you will be the topic of admiration...How do you like it?

4. Rangoli – Grains & pulses

This Diwali give it a twist! Show off your Rangoli making skills with food grains & lentils. Since its made on a clean surface, it can be reused to make stew or khichadi.

5. Add colours - here's how!

Flower decoration – plant the colourful florals in your garden

Add cushions and rugs with bright colours!

You have all the elements right here to make this Diwali, a peaceful Diwali.

Have an amazing time with your family & friends!

Happy Diwali from Human Scale Designs!!

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