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5 handy tips to make small living spaces more liveable.

The urban spaces for the common man and woman do not boast of many square feet. A few hundred is the best that anyone is lucky to have and hence making use of every square inch is essential for its full utilization.

A few smart tricks up your sleeve will help you create a place you love and cherish. The idea is to overlap different sections (bedroom, living room, kitchen) to create multi-utility areas.

Follow these 5 tips and craft the space of your dreams.

1. De-clutter your room to the bare essentials. This can be helpful in designing the extent of the storages required. To begin, ask yourself the limit of your own utilities.

How often will the sofa be used?

Can you manage with additional puffies for guests?

Do you need a large coffee table?

Can the study table double up as dining table?

Does the bed need side tables?

Answers to these questions will help you define your space & plan better.

2. Think out of the box – Go unconventional

The bedside table can be replaced with creative shelves. You do not need a console at the main entrance! A small ledge is good enough to hold your home keys and mirror. Do not get bogged down by the conventional ideas that do not fit in today’s world. Get creative & give your space a makeover.

3. The cooking space can be redefined.

Today’s world of power yoga, pilates and high energy foods can redefine your cooking space. Easy online shopping means no need to store grocery of several months and hence saves up on space. A modest preparation area, cooking range, sink and lots of storage-cum-appliance garage can work in your favour to create a small breakfast space to prep you for the busy day ahead. Two quaint barstools can provide the comfort required.

4. Add greens and brightness to your space

It is not a myth. Green plants do give you an outdoorsy feeling and provide calm and comfort that needs to be experienced in any liveable space. Few bright hues will also enhance the freshness of the environment.Play with colours. Do not hesitate to ask for professional help if you are unsure of colour schemes that complement your space.

​5. Floating furniture - Take furniture off the floor!!

Do you find the furniture in your room very bulky? Do you find it difficult to clean the space below your bed and sofas? Floating furniture is the answer to your woes. The furniture is away from the ground, hence there is visual depth which makes the space look larger. The furniture is floating which looks sleeker and hence works in favour of a small space.

The images are for reference only. Human Scale Designs does not hold their copyright.

Do you want customised tips for your own space? Send your query to us and we will help you design a space that you desire.

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