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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

"There's a virtue in slowness, which we have lost"

- Graham Green, English Novelist and Author

We live in a world that worships speed, from fast cars to fast food, everything is speed driven. We refer to intelligent people as “quick”. To be slow in our culture is to be dumb.

We at Human Scale Designs, like to believe in the opposite. Being “Slow” means to allow optimum time to absorb and be at the core of things. It allows time for reflection and transformation, two things which we think are most essential to convert your ideas to reality. Giving it time, allows us to reveal experiences in everyday life which are either missed or forgotten. Sometimes, in pursuit of creating some artefact, we tend to forget or overlook the process and the materials which led to it’s fruition. We at Human Scale Designs, don’t let that happen. We give due importance to the Process and the Materials, making us unique and deeply embedded to the roots of our vocation. The only thing we are quick is in our responses to your requirements and understanding your needs and being a fairly young firm helps us in being lean with faster response rates.

If you would also like to embark on a journey which will transform the spaces around you, impacting you at a spiritual as well as physical level, do let us know. We would be glad to hear from you and embark on this special journey with you.

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